Statement on the 2022 Arizona Midterm Election

As final tabulation of over 2.5 million votes cast in the 2022 election are released, and as we head into Thanksgiving week, we thank and acknowledge the many Arizonans — elected officials and professional staff,   full-time, temporary workers and volunteers — who oversaw and conducted the process of democracy here in Arizona.

The overwhelming transparency, honesty, and commitment to safety and adherence to state law of county recorders, boards of supervisors, and all involved set new standards and were tremendously appreciated.

Daily press conferences, near-constant communication via social media and implementing processes to identify and address challenges that arose on election day are among the reasons why exit polls have indicated seventy-three percent of Arizona voters believe our elections were conducted fairly.

Our judiciary will review any challenges or complaints which may arise and will evaluate any evidence of misconduct or deviations from laws governing our elections. This is where any such challenges or complaints are properly resolved; those who seek to undermine confidence in our electoral process through  disinformation and misinformation demean the over  2.5 million Arizonans who exercised their right to cast a ballot in 2022.  While the  spirited debate of policy is the lifeblood of our democracy, we must not permit disinformation and detractors to further break down public trust in the system. 

We are thankful to all who helped guide, oversee and conduct the 2022 elections throughout Arizona and are grateful for their commitment to the rule of law and the strengthening of our republic.